November 6, 2012

November Nonsense

November started off absolutely swimmingly! I've always considered this month to be officially, officially the start of fall. Yet, this southern California weather still warranted for short shorts and tank tops, while basking in the nostalgia of dusty antiques.

classic oldies, but goodies

fancy household appliances

classic barbie, and she dances to "let's twist again!"

I have also somehow managed to muster up the courage to participate in the pumpkin pie baking contest...

...and got first place! Very nerve-racking, and more stressful than I thought. However, I do wish there were more participants. It makes it even more exciting, and the competition more tense; oh the thrill of the suspense! (If you're interested in making the same pumpkin pie as above, here's the recipe, along with a story about my first "official" Thanksgiving celebration.)

meet รณscar!

Then I continued to explore some more afterwards, and saw quite a few interesting items...

there was a man who's a antique laxative enthusiast, and sells them on ebay

one of the oldest tins that the guy had

elastic bosom - fit for any girl!

And of course, this "little" charm. Stained glass E.T. window decor. STAINED. GLASS. E.T.
I kind of wish I had bought this, just because.

Seriously, this stained glass thing was just too amazing for words. Just look at it.
But, one of my favorite finds was a tub of old photos. Lost photos. Forgotten memories.

I can only imagine all the stories that these photos had to tell. For some reason, the one below stood out to me the most. It just seemed so sweet, and a bit sad that such a precious moment in time, captured on film, was lost. I wonder how old the little baby, possibly just learning to walk, is now.

Anyway, before I start getting nostalgic and teary-eyed, the antique fair was such a fun event. So many unique knick-knacks I had to withhold from buying. And at the end of the day, I was reminded to always...


  1. AWESOME!! Congrats on getting 1st place! That's so exciting! You'll have to describe to me what it tastes like and how it's different from normal pumpkin pie since I can't eat it because of the nuts. Haha.

    Loved all the photos :)

    1. Thank you, thank you!

      I think...I'm up for the challenge of trying to figure out a substitute for the pecans (at least in flavor) so you can have some pie. I feel the streusel gives it an extra oomph; that's the difference. OR, it could also be because the streusel gives it an extra helping of delicious brown sugar (among others). Not always a bad thing.


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